Friday, August 24, 2012

Christmas in August?

I couldn't help myself today, when a girl in the area posted this Cozy Coupe for quick sale because they were moving.

I jumped at the $20 price and am so glad I did!

This kid L-O-V-E-S it!
(As you can clearly see lol)

So much for saving it for Christmas.  That was a nice thought, but I never would have been able to hide it from him until then.

Oh well, it's keeping him very entertained! :)

What have been some of your favorite toddler toys?  What are some of the best things to help them burn their what seems to be never-ending energy?

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dumpster Dive!

A few days ago, while on my way to pick up some fabulous end tables I found on Craigslist for $25, I drove by our Walgreens and saw this Ugly Betty sitting in the parking lot by the dumpster.

I covered her as best I could with some of the mattresses that had been dumped with her, hoping no one else would see her while I went to get my end tables.  It worked!

Hubby came to help me load her up, even with his skepticism due the obvious amount of love she's gotten over the years.

She is very rough around the edges, but has a strong, solid frame.

I. Am. So. Excited!

I can't wait for the weather to cool down again so I can get to work on her!

Doesn't get better than free!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Hungry?!

Over the past few days, my son has decided he doesn't eat anything anymore.  

At first, I thought he might have just been tired of the PB&Js that he's been having 4-5 days a week for months.
(By his own choice, he's loved them!)

But now, it's getting out of hand.  He has gone to bed the past 2 nights with virtually no dinner.

I feel awful.

Tonight, when I made spaghetti just for him because we were going to hit up YCs for Dan's early birthday dinner and he took 2 bites before pushing the fork away, I was beyond frustrated.
Spaghetti has always been one of his favorite dinners.

Hubby and I were trying to figure it out after Tyler went to bed, and I realized that it isn't really that he's just gotten picky, per se.  He has hardly finished his yogurt in the morning for breakfast the past 2 or 3 days, which if I had to pick his all-time favorite food, yogurt would be it.

French fries from McDonalds, probably #2 on his all-time fav list.  He eats 5 or 6 fries, and says he's done.

Everything else he takes one or two bites of and wants nothing more to do with it.

I'm at a total loss as to what to do about it anymore.

He can't keep going days without really having a decent meal.

What can I do about it?  Please someone tell me this is a phase that he'll grow out of quickly.  Anyone else had this issue with your toddlers?


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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Our little man went to nursery for the first time today at church.  

He doesn't turn 18 months until September 1st, but we went to just test it out and see how he did, while I sat in there with him.  He was doing so good, didn't even look back to see if I was still there.  I did leave him by himself for the last hour, and they said he never cried or even noticed I was gone.

Is it bad that I was thinking "Free at LAST!" as I was walking down the hall to my own class by myself with no toddler to chase or entertain?
(hehe I love my child more than words can say, but I am more than stoked to be able to sit an actually listen to a lesson again!)

I was so proud of him and got my first taste of the love and pride a mother feels when her babies accomplish something big for the first time.

What happened to my baby boy?

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Saturday, August 11, 2012


So, in attempt to more accurately and faithfully document our life here in our humble home; I decided to start completely over in the blogging world. Get a "fresh start" if you will. I have been thinking a lot lately about just how fast this little man is growing up.
That combined with the thought & realization that I haven't been great at journaling his growth and development (this kid is hilarious, and you might never know...) was cause enough to want to start over and give myself an easy place to record all of his and any future littles' growth and achievements. 

But, not to worry. This will not be just a blog about my darling little boy. 

 Anyone who knows me well, knows that I always have some project(s) in the making. Which now that I have my own beautiful home, usually involves some type of homemaking/remodel/landscaping/craft idea for this home of mine. 

For example, I am currently in the middle of redoing/organizing my pantry, which is sure to have a post all by itself in the near future. 

I am also working on making a t-shirt quilt as one of my first major sewing projects. Also to have it's own descriptive post hopefully sooner than later. 

 So, feel free to tag along and comment as you wish, as I begin publishing the very best and also inevitably, some of the very hardest times to come. 

 Welcome to my life in Paradise!
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